Anga Fine Art Restoration and Conservation is an LA based restoration studio, which provides museum quality restoration and conservation of Paintings, Furniture, Frames and Icons.

Expert Art & Antique Restoration and Conservation

Combining family experience in Antique Restoration and high education in this field gives Anga Fine Art better understanding and expertise for making the right decisions for each masterpiece.

3 Generations of Art Conservation and Restoration Experience

Relining of canvas, relining of card board on canvas, surface cleaning, deep cleaning, removing of old touch ups and varnish and more . .

Carving, cleaning, refinishing, French polish, veneer work, brass , turtle shell, bronze details polishing, cleaning, plating and more . . .

Carving, removing of old touch ups and paint, replacing of broken or missing ornaments and other details on frames and more . . .

Cleaning, removing touch ups, removing old varnish, fixing cracks on wood panel, replacing missing parts on wood panel and more . . .

About Anga Fine Art

Anga Fine Art Restoration and Conservation is LA based restoration studio, which provides museum quality restoration and conservation of paintings, furniture, frames and icons, also we are providing water base and oil Gilding. We will take care about your treasure from pickup to drop off.

Our expert artist restorer Hayk Amirkhanyan who is 3rd generation restorer in Amirkhanyan family has 22 years’ experience in art restoration. Combining family experience in antique restoration and high education in this field gives him better understanding, expertise for making right decisions for each masterpiece.

All materials for restoration that we are using are organic, and we are trying to keep traditional way of restoration.

Hayk Amirkhanyan

Ara Hajian- The Hub Gallery, Los Angeles"
"“ANGA Fine Art is a life saver for art dealers, collectors, or anyone else that needs framing or restoration work for fine art. A one-stop shop that saves time and energy and the work is not only professional, but rather bordering on incredible! The best part of it all, when cost is an issue, is that ANGA charges significantly less for superior work when compared to everyone else in town!”

We will offer Free Verbal Consultations and Estimates.

Peter Iker
After purchasing and Russian Icon oversees, it did arrive by local carrier, cracked, almost in two parts, and the painting was damaged, with crumbled gesso pieces falling out of the  package. I thought it was irreparable, but did try anyway to get it fixed. It was deliver to  Mr. Hayk Amirkhanyan, who did such a meticulous repair job, that I did not believe it was  the same Icon. There no traces of the previous damage, and the repair job is almost  invisible. Truly a work of a experienced craftsman.

The second experience I had with Hayk, was a total reconstruction and repair, of an older painting, with a burned out whole, big as a fist, right through the middle of the painting, in a just as old frame, almost falling apart at the joins. I don't know how, but when I received the painting back, it was repaired to such an excellent extent, that again no signs of the damage where visible at all, and the frame in excellent condition.   I have nothing but praise, for Hayk's amazing work.   Thank you, Hayk.

Museum Quality Restoration

High Education and 3 Generations of Experience

15 Years Museum Work Experience

Individual Approach to Each Masterpiece

Research, Condition Report, Restoration Process Report and Photos of Restoration process?

Custom Framing

Art Appraisal and Insurance Reports

Maintenance, Consultation and Conservation of Collections


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