Oil, acrylic, tempera on canvas, board, wood panel, card board. Relining of canvas, relining of card board on canvas, surface cleaning, deep cleaning, removing of old touch ups and varnish, adding new edges on canvas, fixing of torn on canvas, fixing of cracks on paint layer, fixing of original stretcher bars, new stretcher bars.


Carving, cleaning, refinishing, French polish, veneer work, brass , turtle shell, bronze details polishing, cleaning, plating, water base gilding with polish, oil base gilding.


Carving, removing of old touch ups and paint, replacing of broken or missing ornaments and other details on frames, changing size on frames bigger and smaller without losing original look of ornaments, water base Gilding with polish, oil base gilding, refinishing using multiple pigments and patinas.


Cleaning, removing of touch ups, removing of old varnish, fixing cracks on wood panel and gesso, replacing of missing parts on wood panel, replacing of wood panel if required.

Also we offer condition reports (written and verbal), restoration process report, photography of restoration process.


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